Sunday Excursion

I have some pictures for you again from todays afternoon excursion – we had a wonderful weather; a lot of sunshine so I could take some pics on the go. The walk began in the green nature around a lake near the Austrian Border to Germany – a very nice way to go for a walk; in the lake you can also swim – some people in swimsuit lay around on the lawn because of warm temperatures.

There also were a lot of different trees and everything is so wonderful green! What I also have seen – 10 minutes later (with the car) a smaller town on the Inn (Inn = River) in Upper Austria, on the border to Germany, Lower Bavaria, where I also took these pictures with the church and the other buildings in main street of the town. Finally I was surprised with a very good tasting ice cream, called “Cup Delizia” in an italian ice cream parlor with much fresh fruits – it was very “healthy”! 🙂


Click on the gallery to see the images in large size



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